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blog 14.6.16The decision to move your child from his current school has far-reaching implications, and there are many issues to consider – academic and social, and of course, financial. Here are a few thoughts and questions parents have, when considering this important decision.

Springer is too expensive.


blog 14.6.11Parenting a child who struggles in school brings with it a unique set of challenges, one of which is finding a school that takes a different approach to learning. Springer School and Center has provided that “different approach” to hundreds of children with learning disabilities for over four decades. But I know that making the decision to change schools is a complicated one.


blog 14.5.21aAs I was writing my last blog on text-to-speech options for reading, I suddenly got very excited about my next blog post. I had gone through a very simple management process regarding the article I referred to in my post, and feel it is important to share it with the Springer family of blog readers. 


blog 14.5.19So what are ways teachers and parents can provide listening options to children who experience reading difficulty? The following is an outline of Redford’s ideas from research, as well as practices used at Springer School and Center:


blog 14.5.16In a recent article posted by The Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, Kyle Redford, YCDC Education Editor, gives educators the charge of getting students reading. What makes something that should be obvious, revolutionary? Redford makes the argument that reading DOES NOT need to be done exclusively with the eyes, but can also be done using the ears.


blog 14.5.12Children with ADHD are accident-prone (Centers for Disease Control) and have a tendency to act without thinking. This can be a lethal combination! In the summer children are home more, sometimes under the supervision of a babysitter. Look around your house now to get ready for summer.  

Reduce Temptation:


blog 14.5.5May is here! You and your student are between two worlds. There is the excitement and satisfaction of successfully graduating from high school. Then there are the letters that you and your student are getting from the college that they will attend this August. Great! Two sets of very important paperwork and dates to keep straight. 


blog 14.4.17Many parents feel that all they do is scream at their children. They feel their home would be happier if they could find another way to communicate. These adults say they feel embarrassed to admit that they scream at home.  They do not want to scream at their children, but find themselves screaming when children do not come when they are called, or when they’ve left a disaster area somewhere in the house. You can fill in the blank with what sets you off.   


blog 14.4.14You may be able to remember instructions from your parents or teachers about taking care of books. I still feel a twinge when I set a book down on its open pages, and I never leave it there for long.

Respect and care for books can be modeled and taught, enriching for children the notion that books are friends that when tended can bring joy.


blog 14.4.9We are so comfortable with the idea of a book that we can easily forget that children need to learn how they work – where’s the front? Which way do you turn pages?