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blog 16.2.3Personal Competence—Confidence in their own abilities and judgments, self-efficacy and realistic expectations.


blog 16.1.27The term “resilience” is all over the news when talking about business, relationships, and especially in education. What exactly is resilience and is it trainable?


blog 16.1.21When the phone rings in my office, I am excited to pick it up and answer questions that parents might have about their child. Often, they are calling to inquire about admissions to Springer School and Center. “What is the first step in the admissions process?”


blog 16.1.13The term, pronounced dis-kal-kyoo-lee-uh, refers to a Specific Learning Disability in the area of Math. It is relatively rare for a student to qualify for an Individualized Education Program (IEP) under Specific Learning Disability only in the area of math. When a child has difficulty with reading, there will usually be spillover into math.


blog 16.1.6I have heard the term “dysgraphia.” What does that mean? It sounds like dysgraphia would mean that your handwriting is hard to read.


blog 15.12.16We all make resolutions for the New Year. Sometimes our goals are vague, with no end point, such as to lose weight or exercise more. We purchase a gym membership, go for a few sessions and then something comes up in our family. What do we cut? Another problem could be that the goal is so vague and so huge that there is little chance you will succeed!


blog 15.12.9


blog 15.12.2A teacher mentioned that my child might have dyslexia. Exactly what does that mean?


blog 15.11.18A parent once shared with me that her son’s school “doesn’t test for dyslexia.” It felt to her as though the school was implying that dyslexia isn’t a real, identifiable learning disability. But the truth is, it’s just a matter of terminology.


blog 15.11.11In a recent article on the Understood Web site (a comprehensive resource for learning disabilities and ADHD), blog writer Jamie Martin talks tech in a post entitled The First Assistive Technology I Recommend to Parents.