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blog 15.5.7Modern technology has made our lives so much easier. We can communicate quickly with someone through text or a one-sentence email. We can dictate reports instead of using the keyboard. Our children can look up solutions to math problems and watch someone work the problem online, read original newspaper accounts of historical events or do research on a topic for an essay.


blog 15.5.1Recently parents of students in 7th through 12th grade gathered at Springer School and Center for a follow-up discussion about the challenges they face in helping their sons and daughters prioritize and follow through on their commitments. Parents described the challenges related to helping their students focus on schoolwork instead of social media, electronic games and jobs. 


blog 4.23.15On March 18, Dr. Peg Dawson spoke to over 600 parents at a program sponsored by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Springer. The program’s title, Calming the Chaos, captured the desire of parents who attended.


blog 15.3.17Kids feel different once they begin school at Springer, and so do their parents. When children are unhappy, often times parents are hurting for their children. It is no wonder that all the parents interviewed felt a sense of relief once their child began the Springer Experience. “Now I can go back to parenting, instead of instructing, advocating, and standing up for my child,” said one. “I trust the Springer experts.”


blog 15.2.25A Pediatrician, Psychologist or Licensed Social Worker makes the diagnosis of ADHD. These professionals follow the guidelines in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual – 5th edition. The minimum requirement is that objective questionnaires be completed in two environments: home and school. The student must score at or above the 93rd percentile for problems with focus/attention when compared to a student of the same sex and age in school and at home.


blog 15.2.10How will this summer go for your children? It isn’t too early to begin thinking, and planning ahead to ensure that your student has adequate supervision and structure this summer.


blog 15.2.6Sarah cringes when the school’s number pops up on caller I.D. Since fourth grade, it has been nothing but bad news. Paul’s teacher calls to discuss his inability to wait his turn, frequently calling out answers in class and interrupting others. The conversation is always the same.


blog 15.2.3Springer parent Andrea Werbrich shared with Carole Barnhart her experience with Springer's day school.


blog 15.1.30In an instant I went from a fiercely independent “caretaker,” to the one being cared for and dependent on everyone else for simple tasks. A few weeks ago, I slipped on ice and broke my leg. Four days later, I was hit upside the head with the flu – for the second time since mid-December.


blog 15.1.6A new year brings with it the courage to change, and for some of us that means changing schools for our child so that his academic needs can be better met.  Come check out Springer School and Center on January 28th at the 9:00 a.m. Open House! If your child has a learning disability, this may be the change you are seeking.