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blog 9.12.13Someone recommended that my child take the WISC! What is it and what will it tell me?  


blog 9.10.13At this time of year, magazines and blogs are filled with back-to-school topics.  3 Ways to Get Organized Quick!,  5 Ways to Start the School Year Out Right. I clicked on one blog post about getting and staying organized, just to find eight “sponsored” screens of advertisement with everything from Organized Living’s filing systems to JC Penney’s underwear.  Really, not that helpful...


blog photoThe other morning I peeked into my daughter’s bathroom to flip off the light she inadvertently left on. I had to laugh as I gazed at the mirror littered with sticky notes. One was a “To Do” list, capturing three or four critical things she needed to accomplish for the day. I had to wonder if she perhaps forgot to take it with her when she left. A second note read, *BE impeccable with my word. *Don't Make Assumptions. *Don't take anything personally. *Always do your best.