Carole Barnhart, M.S.

April 14, 2021

Glaciers and Landslides

In their study of earth science, Middle School students explored the nature of glaciers and landslides using models. "Glaciers" made by freezing water with stones and sand in the bottom were scraped over clay "land" to simulate deposition and grooving of the underlying rock. The effect of vegetation on the occurrence of landslides was observed by measuring the angle at which "land" began to slide with and without rooted trees.
April 13, 2021

Animals After Dark

Lower School Green Team students learned about nocturnal animals in an exciting way.  With lights off in the library, Media Specialist Amanda Forbes read by flashlight from a book titled After Dark: Poems about Nocturnal Animals by David L. Harrison.  The students located pictures of the animals in the poems by flashlight. Then Ms. Forbes led the students through creating acrostic poems about some of the animals in the book, and each student chose an animal about which to write their own acrostic poem.
April 12, 2021

History of Transportation in Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Museum Center brought to Lower School students a hands-on experience exploring the history of transportation in Cincinnati. Students simulated moving goods by mule-powered canal boat and used working models of the five inclines that moved Cincinnatians to neighborhoods on higher ground in the late 19th century. They learned about the era of streetcars, the reasons Cincinnati's subway system was never realized, and the factors that drove changes in transportation systems across the decades.
April 9, 2021

Playground Reveal

On a sunny Friday morning, the entire school gathered outside to learn the results of the vote for new playground equipment. A generous friend of Springer is donating the funds for the new equipment to kick off an upcoming capital campaign. The new equipment will be installed during the summer.
April 9, 2021

Ultimate Frisbee

Lower School students learn to play Ultimate Frisbee in this after-school program led by Instructional Assistant Madison Wilker and Gus Misleh.
April 9, 2021

Fun with Student Council Officers

From a remote location in the conference room, Student Council officers joined with Mrs. Kessen's Lower School Green class to have some fun. The officers led the students in games of bingo and Simon Says.
March 24, 2021

Science Club

Science Club participants created colorful slime from a mixture of borax and white glue. Activities in previous meetings of the Science Club included making crayon leaf prints, creating ferromagnetic liquids and learning about endangered species while making polar bears from shaving cream foam.
March 22, 2021

Erosion and Weathering

Students in Mrs. Gray's science classes learned about erosion and weathering by creating sloped models of rivers using sand and rocks, and pouring water at the top of the slope. Students recorded their observations about the effect of the flowing water on their landscapes. Students livestreaming from home can be seen participating via laptop.
March 22, 2021

Pirates Learning Math

One of Mrs. Wise's Math classes won a reward and voted to have a "pirate party." Students chose from a variety of "pirate-y accessories" to wear, and divided into two teams.  The teams solved math problems and earned "cannonballs" of crumpled black paper for correct answers. The party ended with a "cannonball battle."
March 22, 2021

Middle School Publishing Parties

Middle School Literature classes held Publishing Parties in March. Student authors shared their writing with their classmates, and offered encouragement and constructive feedback as they enjoyed hot chocolate.
March 22, 2021

Jenny Diesel ’91

March 15, 2021

M&M Math

Lower School math classes learned about fractions by calculating the portion of each color in a bag of M&Ms.